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About Syconic


We’ve served our country collectively by providing ICT and Cyber Security to the nation, and now we are doing the same for our Micro and SME community.

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Managed Detection & Response


Outsource your security monitoring and incident response to save you time and resources.

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Security Awareness Training


For your annual training needs, on-boarding of new staff, and to keep the team thinking about security while in the office and on the move.

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Partnering with you to protect your business.

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Monitoring &
Incident Response

Managed Detection & Response combines industry leading Next Generation Anti-Virus and Endpoint Detection & Response with cyber security specialists who proactively ensure your business IT infrastructure is safe from cyber related threats.

Awareness Training

From annual or induction cyber security awareness training to regular video content and phishing email campaigns, we can tailor a learning & development environment, online or in-person, specifically to suit your business and culture.

Executive Solutions

Modern security frameworks can be individualised to protect your C-level executives. They are the most likely to be targeted in cyber attacks after all, as the keepers of access, information and funds in your business.


Position your organisation to engage across Defence projects, contracts and tenders and meet the security obligations under the Defence Industry Security Program with our assistance from our experienced veteran workforce.


Workforce Protection

Mobile Endpoint Security ensures privacy and protection on the go. Protection for your people no matter where they are, because the personal and professional intersect at their devices.

Delivering enterprise level protection, detection & response.


1 in 5 small businesses will suffer a cyber breach


A single cyber attack can cost your business over $30k


A cyber threat is reported every 7 minutes


Over 90% of all cyber attacks impact small business
We strive to ensure protection and safety
against cyber threats both inside your business and out.